Solar for Farms

Grid-tied agricultural solar energy systems

Reduce Operating Costs

Supplying your own solar energy means you will be using one of the safest long-term solutions to reduce your operating costs. By reducing or eliminating your electricity bill you no longer rely on unpredictable market prices. 
Solar panels are a great way to reduce your carbon tax. Take advantage of the solar rebate for farms, for maximized profits.

Solar Harvest

Fields, barns, sheds, and farmhouses provide some of the most ideal locations for solar panel array. Turn unused land/roof area into clean energy, and make a profit off the excess energy produced.
Why keep paying a retailer every month, when you can invest in your own solar energy generation?

What it costs

Agricultural solar project costs vary quite heavily depending on your energy goals and available space. We will design a custom solution to fit your budget, consumption, and available space.
Farms may be eligible for multiple solar incentives to further reduce the costs, ask us if you qualify!

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Premium Solutions

Kuby Energy uses professional Electrical and Structural Engineers to certify all commercial designs.  Your solar panel installation will occur from certified electricians under the guidance of a Master Electrician.  
We stand behind our work with a workmanship guarantee on all electrical and solar installation services performed.


"[Kuby] Solar was outstanding at every step of the process from the initial estimate to the final inspection. The installation crew showed up at exactly the time they said they would, stayed for exactly the length of time they said they needed and left our yard in such perfect shape when they left, that one would never know they had been there. All inspections passed with flying colours, all permits were completed and accepted without a hitch and we could not be happier with the final result. I would highly recommend Kuby for anyone looking to have solar panels installed."
-Glenn H.
Edmonton, AB

"Jake and Adam handled the whole process which was very detailed and seamless.  I decided to go ahead with the solar panels and it was smooth sailing! There was excellent communication and they answered all my questions.  Within a month, everything has been completed and I am now up and running. I am very pleased with the service and I would recommend kuby energy to anyone."
-Tannis K.
Edmonton, AB

"Jake and Adam were great to work with; they're professional, knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. I'd recommend Kuby Energy to anyone wanting to get solar."
-Kayla S.
Edmonton, AB

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