Alberta Indigenous Solar Program

Solar power rebate for indigenous communities. What you need to know and how to get started.

Alberta Indigenous Solar Program

The Government of Alberta released a pilot program, the Alberta Indigenous Solar Program (AISP) to provide grants to indigenous communities to install solar power systems on facilities owned by the community or organization.

How to get your Indigenous Community Started

As an eligible solar contractor for the Indigenous Solar Program, Kuby Energy can assist your First Nation, Metis Settlement, or community owned business through every step of the solar power installation process.

We will provide a solar power quote that is far below the required $3.75/W and provide you with all the required information and technical documents in one single package. If you have any questions or would like to learn more we are always just a phone call away.

Kuby Renewable Energy Ltd. is a full-service solar energy contractor that can handle every aspect of a solar panel installation from engineering, through installation and permitting.

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-First Nation communities, Metis Settlements, and Aseniwiche Winewak Nation

-Indigenous-led organizations which include indigenous community-owned businesses and  friendship centres

-Applicants in compliance with terms and conditions of previous Alberta Indigenous Relations Funding

-Must be located in Alberta

Project Eligible for the Solar Program

Project must be:

-compliant with the Micro Generation Regulation [All Kuby Energy projects are]

-are greater than or equal to 2kW and less than or equal to 1MW [Will be designed by Kuby Energy as such]

-have an installed cost less than $3.75/W [Kuby Energy projects are almost always significantly less than that]

-grid connected or off-grid [NOTE: off grid systems will not be considered Micro Generators under the Micro Generation Regulation]

-completed within 1 year of the grant application acceptance

-are new installations (must be completed and operational after the grant application is approved) [Not retro-active for existing systems]

Application Deadline

-Applications are open as of October 5, 2016 and will remain open until the funding runs out (2.5M) [First come, first serve]

Funding Amount

-AISP will provide funding up to 80% of eligible expenses up to a maximum solar grant of $200,000

-Applicants can access other grants to cover the remaining 20% of solar power project costs

-All funding sources should be clearly identified in the solar energy project budget

Eligible Expenses

-Purchase of solar PV equipment (solar panels, racking, inverters, transformers, cabling, conduit, fitting, monitoring, and shipping)

-Engineering/design, modelling, procurement expenses

-Electrical permit and development permits

-Electrical and building inspection expenses

-Labour associated with the solar panel installation

Ineligible Expenses

-GST and other taxes

-In-kind expenses

-Payments for services that are normally without charge

-Training and economic development services

-Operation and maintenance expenses

-Lease Payments

-Admin expenses to complete the Alberta Indigenous Solar Program documents

-Necessary structural upgrades

Assessment Process

Submission of the Application letter (download here) and budget form (download here)

-An assessment of the document content by  Indigenous Relations will occur

-An assessment will confirm the applicant eligibility and suitability with the Alberta Indigenous Solar Program

To view the Alberta Indigenous Solar Program guidelines click here.


To learn more contact us today:

24/7 Phone Line: (780) 984-4466

Operations Manager:


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