Edwin Parr High School

Solar panels installed by Kuby Energy

Edwin Parr High School Solar

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System size:

789 x 400W
Athabasca, AB
292kW Solar power system on Edwin Parr High School in Athabasca, AB

Edwin Parr High School Solar Power System

Edwin Parr High school is powered by the sun!

This 292kW, 10-inverter solar array was completed throughout the winter and commissioned in Spring 2018. The solar array covers 4 different roof sections of the high school providing ample generation potential throughout each day of the year.

Although due south creates the most energy per module, the East-West profile of the solar panels creates the most energy generation per square foot. The array fits the contours of the building providing a complementary aesthetic when viewed from above.

The solar panels on Edwin Parr High School are mounted on aluminum racks weighed down (ballasted) with concrete blocks. Ballasted systems do not require any roof penetrations to secure the system alleviating risk from the building owner that would normally be associated with several hundred penetrations.

Commercial solar power systems are best served by string inverters as used here. String inverters minimize the components on the roof relative to micro inverters or dc-optimizer systems resulting in lower future O&M costs as well as lower initial capital costs.

Low sloped modules will collect snow over the winter months, but snow does not impact solar panels detrimentally

The solar power array on Edwin Parr High School was installed by Kuby Energy working for Clark Builders. For more images or media related inquiries on this Athabasca solar power project, please contact us.

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