Residential Solar Panels Edmonton

All-black solar power system

All black solar panels edmonton

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System size:

75 x 280W All Black
Parkland County, AB
Large residential array on a rural property near Edmonton

All-Black Solar Panels

Kuby Energy was hired to complete this large residential array in Parkland County near Edmonton, AB. The homeowner requested the largest possible system given his electrical restraints using all black solar panels. The dark modules blend seamlessly into the dark shingles, creating a sleek & sexy solar power system.

The array was installed over 6 faces and 3 different azimuths providing all-day solar energy generation to meet the home's large demand.

Electrical infrastructure was up-sized to plan for future system expansion when the owner builds a shop. The homeowner was wise to contact Kuby Energy during the design-stage of the project; advice was given to make sure future headaches were minimized and solar harvest/aesthetics were maximized.

The solar power system was fully designed and installed by Kuby Energy.

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