Rural Solar Power

Solar Power on a Barn-Style Home

Rural Solar Power Edmonton

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System size:

42 x 265W
Sherwood Park, AB
Solar Power on a barn-style home

Alberta Farm Solar Power

This homeowner desired solar power on his unique barn-style house to reduce his monthly power bill.

The circular profile created a minor challenge but also allowed us to customize the tilt of the array to maximize solar energy generation.

Mounting on a steep, rounded surface was a challenge that was perfectly executed. The solar panels were installed creating straight lines that matched up evenly across the entire length of the array. Great care was taken to install flashings on his atypical shingle profile.

Farm solar power systems in Alberta are often mounted on the ground, but if the property has a home, shop or shed with lots of surface area it is often more cost effective to do so. Ground mounted solar panels for homes are generally more expensive that the same array mounted on a roof due to the costs associated with trenching and piling.

Alberta has an incredible solar resource potential more than capable of supplying the average home with 100% of their annual electricity needs.

If you are interested in a solar power system in Alberta, please read our complete guide to installing solar in AB.

The solar power system was fully designed and installed by Kuby Energy.

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