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System size:
Solar Panels:         

16 x 305W
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
This solar panel array provides a lovely accent to a beautifully landscaped backyard.  The solar panel array consists of 16 high capacity modules maximizing the available roof space.  

Solar Power System Summary

A beautifully landscaped backyard bursting with lush greenery is accented perfectly by blue and silver solar panels on the garage. In addition to the aesthetic appeal of this array, it will provide over half of the homeowners electrical energy demand saving them hundreds of dollars and tons of carbon every single year. This solar panel array will output over 5,000kWh of renewable energy every year.

Solar panels may provide more than just energy and carbon offsets for homes. As a professional solar energy contractor, we don't just settle for a system that works, but one that will be a showcase for your home with aesthetic details carefully thought out.

Solar power installation completed by Kuby Renewable Energy.

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