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Kuby Energy is a leading electrical contractors servicing Calgary and Surrounding area. Kuby Energy specializes in the design and installation of solar power systems and EV chargers in Calgary. Based out of Edmonton, Kuby Energy has done many Solar projects in Calgary, and all of Southern Alberta. We create solar energy solutions for homes and businesses through professional designs, with all projects completed by certified electricians.

Calgary is one of the most applicable cities for solar due to the region's extremely high solar irradiation. As an Alberta based company, we provide full solar energy services to Calgary and the entire surrounding region.  Beyond providing Calgary solar, we also provide Airdrie, Chestermere, Okotoks, Cochrane and many other cities with full solar power services.   

Alberta Solar Power Incentive Programs

**Solar Rebate Announced** Residential and Commercial Solar Program - The government of Alberta recently announced a broad grant for solar panels in Alberta. Through the residential and commercial solar program, homes will receive a 30% rebate for solar panel installations, and businesses will receive a 25% rebate for solar panel installations. Read the details on the Alberta residential and commercial solar grant.

Micro Generation - Micro generators in Alberta are subject to the Micro Generation Regulation guidelines.  Homes and businesses with solar installations which are <1MW (1 Megawatt = 1,000 kW), will have their solar energy consumption vs usage monitored and credited to you on your monthly power bill.  Any excess solar energy is rolled over to the next month and can be sold at the end of the year at the same rate which you bought it for (approximately $0.06/kWh). For more details read the full micro-generation regulation here.

Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP) - This program is offered by the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC). Municipalities and Community related organizations are eligible for this solar power rebate.  Funding of up to 20% of eligible expenses up to a maximum of $300,000 is available for eligible solar power projects.  Eligible solar projects are greater than or equal to 2kW  and less than or equal to 1MW, must be subject to the Micro-generation Regulation, and must be completed and energized after February 5, 2016.   To learn more about this program read the details on the Alberta Municipal Solar Rebate or contact us directly.

Banff Solar Incentive - Residents of Banff, AB are eligible for  a solar power incentive.  This program will allow selected applicants to qualify for a seven year agreement with the town of Banff.    Successful applicants will be selected through a lottery based system.  To read more on the Banff Solar Power Incentive program, click here.

To see the full list of rebates and incentves for solar panels in Canada.

Solar Panels Calgary

Kuby Energy designs and installs solar panels and provides full-service electrical and solar energy services for the following regions:  

  • Calgary
  • Airdrie
  • Cochrane
  • Balzac
  • Chestermere
  • Bragg Creek
  • Okotoks

The above list does not contain all the cities we provide solar energy services to, so if your city is not listed, don't worry, we will make it work for you. We strive to build lasting partnerships with everyone that we serve, by providing elite services and never sacrificing quality. We are a leading solar energy provider for Alberta, and are proud members of the Solar Energy Society of Alberta.

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