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NWT Solar Power Incentive Programs

Residential Renewable Energy Rebate  -  This solar power rebate for NWT homes  provides funding of up to 50% of project costs up to a maximum of $20,000 (projects must not be in areas fueled by Hydro electricity).

Business Renewable Energy Rebate - This solar energy rebate for NWT businesses provides funding of up to 50% of system costs up to a maximum of $50,000 (projects must not be in areas fueled by Hydro electricity).

Indigenous, Government, Non-Profit Renewable Energy Rebate - This solar power rebate for NWT indigenous, government and non-profit groups of up to 50% of project costs costs up to a maximum of $50,000.

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Cost of Solar Panels in NWT

Solar panels installations in NWT will vary greatly depending on your location's accessibility. Average NWT solar installation will be approximately $3.00W to $6.00/W which works out to roughly $20,000 to $40,000.

Larger systems can be done at a lower/more favourable $/W due to the economies of scale and certain fixed fees associated with solar PV installations.

The difficulty of the installation, type of installation (roof vs ground vs wall mounted), and what amount of electrical work is required will all factor into the total cost of the solar power system.

Read more on the cost of solar panels or the long term economics of solar power systems.

How solar energy works in NWT

  • You purchase electricity from NTPC. Energy is used by your home first which offsets your electricity buy rate - $0.31/kWh. If you generate your own energy, you are now saving money by not importing electricity.
  • Net Metering is generally only allowed for projects that are <15kW
  • If more energy is needed than the solar panels can supply, you will draw from the grid as you currently do. This process is fully automatic and there is no delay.
  • If excess energy is created, it is sold back to NTPC for a credit on your next billing cycle. Energy is credited at the same rate you purchase it for (~$0.31/kWh). This allows you to generate money by exporting solar electricity.
  • At night, you will draw electricity from the grid as you currently do.

Quick facts about solar panels in NWT

  • The cold climate and long summer days both help solar PV generation and efficiency.
  • Having the solar panels tilt equal to the latitude will generate the most annual electricity. Having some steep and some shallow will provide the smoothest generation curve over a year.
  • NWT residents pay very high electricity rates relative to other parts of the country, $0.31/kWh for residential electricity and $0.223/kWh for small commercial electricity. High electricity rates greatly help the payback period of solar power systems in NWT.
  • Average NWT home uses approximately 8,000kWh/yr

Solar Panels NWT

Kuby Energy is an experienced solar installation company for NWT.  We frequently visit NWT to provide full service solar energy services.  To benefit the local economy, we source as much solar PV, and electrical material and labour from local sources as possible.  Additionally, we can offer 3rd Party Professional Engineering certifications from NAPEG Engineers as a testament to our design quality.

To reduce your overall investment, we group all of our NWT solar installations together to minimize travel costs and time away. Additionally, you may gain further cost reduction by taking advantage of our solar referral program. Through these methods, we provide cost effective, fast and professional design, and construction services for solar panels in NWT.

Northwest Territories is a unique area which is ideal for solar panels due to the cold weather, long summer days, and relatively expensive cost of electricity.  Residents of NWT can expect an extremely fast payback period on their solar panels due to the high cost of electricity.  Cost of solar in NWT is further helped by the solar incentive which is offered by the NWT government and the Arctic Energy Alliance, the Alternative Energy Technologies Program (AETP).  

Kuby Renewable Energy provides turn-key solar power installation services for the following NWT regions:

  • Yellowknife
  • Inuvik
  • Aklavik
  • Fort Simpson
  • Fort Smith
  • Whati
  • Jean Marie River

If your town is not listed, don't worry - we provide solar energy services to all of NWT.

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