Solar Panels in Saskatchewan


Saskatchewan Solar Power Incentive Programs

Small Power Producers Program - This program will allow you to sell either all of the power you produce to SaskPower, or to sell the excess of what you don't use back to SaskPower.  Under this solar power rebate program you will agree to a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) where you will receive a set price for you electricity.  The current price is $0.106/kWh and will increase at a rate of 2% per year.  Read more on the Small Power Producers Solar Program. The program is based on SaskPower's priority level which varies from year to year. Certain regions are favoured more due to line capacity and need of energy in the area.

Additional energy incentive rebates and programs are offered within Saskatchewan not pertaining to solar panel installations.  To read about other energy efficiency incentives in Saskatchewan, click here.

Cost of Solar Panels in Saskatchewan

Solar panel installations in Saskatchewan will vary depending on their size and application (commercial vs residential). Most installations will range from $2.00/W to $3.00/W which works out to approximately $15,000 to $20,000 for residential systems and $30,000 to $50,000+ for farm or commercial solar power systems.

The size of the solar power system (kW) will be the largest factor in determining the cost of your solar power system. Although larger systems may cost more, they can be installed at a better rate (lower $/W) so you are getting much better value for your investment.

Your solar power system cost will also be affected by your location within SK (Saskatoon being more accessible than La Ronge), and how much electrical work (if any) is required to make your existing electrical system code compliant with the new solar array.

Read more on the cost of solar panels or the long term economics of solar power systems.

How solar energy works in Saskatchewan

  • Energy is used by your home first which offsets your electricity buy rate - $0.1423/kWh or $0.12/kWh. An additional Carbon Tax of $0.005/kWh is added on top of the energy rate. If you generate your own energy, you are now saving money by not importing electricity.
  • If more energy is needed than the solar panels can supply, you will draw from the grid as you currently do. This process is fully automatic and there is no delay.
  • If excess energy is created, it is sold back to your retailer for a credit on your next billing cycle. Energy is credited at $0.075/kWh. This allows you to generate money by exporting solar electricity.
  • At night, you will draw electricity from the grid as you currently do.

Quick facts about solar power in SK

  • Saskatchewan is the sunniest place in Canada making it ideal to install solar panels
  • Approximately 85% of Saskatchewan's electricity is generated by fossil fuels (~45/40 coal and natural gas)
  • Saskatchewan homeowners buy electricity at ~$0.1423/kWh and can sell solar electricity at $0.075/kWh. Farm electricity rate is ~0.02/kWh less than the residential rate.
  • Average SK home uses approximately 7,500kWh/yr.

Solar Panels Saskatchewan

Kuby Energy designs and installs solar panels and provides full-service electrical and solar energy services for the following regions in Saskatchewan:  

  • Saskatoon
  • Regina
  • Prince Albert
  • Meadow Lake
  • Lloydminster
  • Battlefords
  • Swift Current
  • Moose Jaw
  • La Ronge

We service all of Saskatchewan so if your city/town is not listed don't worry - we will make it work for you.

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