Connecting and Using Your ECU

What is an ECU? It is a device that essentially tells you at a glance how much energy your solar power system is producing. Learn more about ECU devices and how they work with Kuby's products and installations.

Connecting and Using Your ECU

What is an ECU?

An Energy Communication Unit (ECU) is a device that can be used to collect performance data and the energy generation information of your inverters. In simple terms, it essentially tells you at a glance how much energy your solar power system is producing. The ECU is included in all Kuby products and installations that use APSystems microinverters.

How does it work?

This unit works by receiving wireless signals from these microinverters and reports back the module’s energy generation in real time. This information is then relayed via your home’s internet connection and displayed on an online portal—the EMA Manager app—which is available for download on any smart device. This app will hold all your system’s readings and will be viewable once you log in.

Kuby is able to view the status of the system online and are notified of any error messages, however it is recommended that homeowners monitor their assets day to day.

Connecting your ECU to your home’s internet network

Since the ECU devices use the internet in real time to take measurements, they need to have access to your internet database—which just means they need to be connected to your home’s network!

Here are the steps required to connect your ECU to your Wi-Fi network:

Step 1: Switch on the ECU.
Step 2: Press the AP button on ECU.
Step 3: Make sure you have downloaded the EMA Manager app and registered your device.
Step 4: Open the EMA Manager app and find the “Local Access” option at the bottom right of the initial login page. Once you have clicked this option, allow the EMA Manager to find and connect to devices on your local network.
Step 5: Link the device to the ECU Wi-Fi with the ECU ID and input 88888888 to log into the ECU.
At this stage, if the ECU Wi-Fi cannot be found, try again and ensure the ECU is kept close to the router. (Please note that the Wi-Fi name will be the same as the first UID on the back of the ECU).
Step 6: Select the network and enter the Wi-Fi password.
Step 7: Go back to your EMA Manager app, click “Workspace”, followed by “ECU Network”.
Step 8: Choose the available router Wi-Fi to link by wireless and enter the password.

When the connection has successfully been made, both lights on the ECU will go green and are ready for use!

The video below offers a useful demonstration of the above steps it outlines.

Common Concerns

No Communication (NC) may show up as a reading on your device. If you receive this message, it does not necessarily mean that there is a systematic error that needs to be fixed; it may rather be that your communication system is not reporting. This maybe a result of external impacts, for example:

  • Metallic objects like metal roofs or vehicles between the ECU and array (ground mount) can cause the array to flicker between NC and regular production;
  • NC can also show up in the early mornings or evenings when there are low levels of light;
  • NC may also display when there is a light snow cover.

Factors like these can affect the reporting capabilities of your communication system, but not the system’s production of energy itself.

If you are experiencing any difficulty with your system or have any further questions regarding the setup and use of your ECU system, contact Kuby at 1-833-999-KUBY.

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