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Solar energy solutions for your home or business...

Home Solar

Install solar panels on your home to start saving money today. Eliminate your energy bill and generate clean solar power for decades.

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Commercial Solar

Reduce your operating costs and benefit from solar power tax incentives. Commercial solar installations make it easy to generate a profit from unused roof space

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Agricultural Solar

Fields, barns, sheds, and open land provide ideal locations for highly efficient solar power system. Large system sizes make solar payback periods extremely favourable.

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Off-Grid Solar

Solar energy systems for those who live off-grid.  Professional knowledge on system sizing, batteries, charge controllers, inverters and more.

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Electric Vehicle Chargers

Professional installation of electric vehicle chargers for residential and commercial applications.  Compatible with all new electric vehicle makes.

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Electrical Services

All residential and commercial electrical services including rough-ins, finals, troubleshooting, fan/light installations, LED conversions, service upgrades and more.

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Design, Supply, Install, Maintain

Kuby Energy is a premium solar installer and electrical contractor for all residential and commercial scopes.  We design custom solar power solutions specific to your exact lifestyle, architecture, and budget.

Kuby Energy provides drawings and certifications from Professional Engineers, both Electrical and Structural to ensure you receive the highest quality and safest service available. All solar installations will only occur from certified electricians with years of electrical and solar-specific experience.  

Every Kuby Energy solar panel installation comes with a workmanship guarantee and free advice on other energy efficiency techniques to help save you money.  We offer lifetime maintenance and care packages on all products, including solar panels and inverters allowing you peace of mind knowing that your system is operating at its full potential.  

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