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How Commercial Solar Power Works

1. Solar panels generate DC electricity, which is inverted to AC electricity depending on your commercial service (208V, 480V, 600V)

2. Solar energy powers your business first

3. If your property requires more energy than solar panels can provide, it is automatically imported from the grid with no delay.

This is likely the case during the day when you have large loads running while solar panels generate energy.

1. Solar panels generate DC electricity, which is inverted to AC electricity (208V, 480V, 600V)

2. Solar panels will energize your business first

3. If excess energy is generated, it is sold back to your retailer for a credit on your electricity bill. Energy (kWh) exports are monitored through a bidirectional meter.

This is the case if your building is using very little electricity while solar panels are generating.

1. Solar panels remain un-energized until there is enough light to turn on

2. If needed, energy is imported from the grid as per usual

This is the case when solar panels are not generating electricity (such as at night or after a large snow fall).

Decades of profitability

Generating solar energy for your business will drastically reduce your monthly electricity bills. As the price of electricity goes up over time, so will your savings. Enjoy decades of profitability without the volatility of increasing electricity prices.

Solar panels generally pay for themselves in <1/2 of their warrantied life, leaving you with decades of profitability.

Take advantage of commercial tax incentives and turn unused roof space into profit.


Lead the way

What separates you from your competitors? Ever-growing competition demands creative solutions. Companies from around the world are recognized because of their environmental commitments now more than ever.

Sustainability is no longer something that only major global companies do, but something companies do in order to grow.

Sustainability fuels growth.


Getting started with solar panels

Kuby Energy is a full-service solar power installation contractor. We can execute all commercial solar PV scopes from start to finish.

1. Start with a free consultations to gauge your desires, budget and unique project requirements

2. Receive a proposal detailing different options and benefits for your building(s).

3. Kuby Energy completes all permits, grants and paperwork needed. Certified electricians perform the solar power installation. When required, solar PV systems are certified by third-party Professional Engineers.

4. Monitor your solar energy production through a free online portal. Display it on your website and in your lobby for all to see.


Solar panel cost + payment options

The cost of solar panels for commercial applications varies heavily depending on the size of the project due to economies of scale. Systems are bench-marked using a dollar per watt metric ($/W) with larger systems bring installed at a more favourable rate (lower $/W).

‍Kuby Energy offers a range of number of payment options, including flexible schedules, loans and lines of credit.


"Kuby Renewable Energy and staff arrived in Yellowknife, NWT prepared - tools, materials and permits. 4 Days later, the breaker was turned on and I have all the power I need plus extra for the winter months. I got 20 solar panels installed, my electrical service upgraded [to 400A] and 4 electric vehicle chargers put in. Jake and his team made the process stress free from the get go. Do I need to say more? I will continue to use them on ongoing projects for my car dealership [National Car Rental] and recommend them to anyone who wants great service and great rates. Thank you Jake and your staff."
-Ted Y.
Yellowknife, NWT

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