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World-class power outage protection


Tesla Powerwall 2

Endure any power outage with Tesla Powerwall 2, the world's most state-of-the-art lithium ion battery.  Achieve solar self-consumption, time-based control and energy back up.

Powerwall is stackable and compact, allowing seamless integration into your home. Have peace of mind during an outage, or live off-grid in style.

Kuby Energy is a Tesla Powerwall certified installer and one of the most experienced Powerwall 2 installers in Canada.


Figures & Facts

Energy Capacity: 13.5kWh

Power: 7kW/5kW (Peak/Continuous)

Warranty: 10 years

Autonomy: 1 day+ (property dependent)

30A AC-coupled integration

Floor or wall mounted installation (indoors recommended; -20c to +50c operating temperature range)

Stackable up to 9 units (121.5kWh)


Off-Grid Living with Tesla Powerwall

You can now live off the grid without compromising lifestyle with Tesla Powerwall in Canada.

Cutting the chord has never been easier, more affordable or allowed the lifestyle that Powerwall enables.


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