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Off-Grid Solar

Off-grid solar power systems

Solar Energy Sovereignty

Supplying your own solar energy provides the most reliable means long term sustainability and independence. Solar panels have advanced to the point where it is easier than ever to provide yourself and your family with energy freedom.

One Stop Shop

Kuby Energy provides professional system design, solar panel installation, material procurement, and maintenance services.  Our team will answer all your questions on arrangement, batteries, panels, inverters, charge controllers and more.

What it costs

Your specific cost will depend on your lifestyle and how much energy you require.  We ensure that we properly size your system to allow you to live comfortably (and stress-free) throughout the year - even during short winter days!
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Kuby Energy has your off-grid solar power solutions. Whether you want an off-grid cabin, off-grid house, or need to power a remote weather station with solar power, we have you covered.  

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