Solar Panels for Homes

Residential solar power installations in AB, BC, SK, NWT


How Residential Solar Power Works

1. Solar panels generate DC electricity, which is inverted to AC electricity (120/240V)

2. Solar energy powers your home first

3. If more energy is required, it is automatically imported from the grid with no delay

This is the case when you are at home using electricity (such as cooking dinner, doing laundry etc.) while solar panels generate energy.

1. Solar panels generate DC electricity, which is inverted to AC electricity (120/240V)

2. Solar energy powers your home first

3. If excess energy is generated, it is sold back to your retailer for a credit on your electricity bill. Energy (kWh) exports are monitored through a bidirectional meter.

This is the case if you are using little electricity in your home on a sunny day.

1. Solar panels remain un-energized until there is enough light to turn on

2. If needed, energy is imported from the grid as per usual

This is the case when solar panels are not generating electricity (such as at night or after a large snow fall).

Still renting your energy?

You own your house, you own your vehicle(s) - owning major assets builds equity over a long period. A solar power system will pay for itself in ~1/2 of its warrantied life building capital for you for decades.

Supplying your own solar energy through renewable sources will greatly reduce your carbon emissions and will save you thousands of dollars over the next 30+ years.

Additionally, solar panels will protect you from ever-increasing electricity prices by locking you into a lower rate than the standard long-term market price average.


Getting started with solar panels

Kuby Energy is a full-service solar energy contractor. That means we can do it all.

1. Start with a FREE solar appraisal and ballpark figures for your home

2. Receive a proposal detailing a few different options for you exact property. Your home and lifestyle are unique, so is your solar proposal.

3. Kuby Energy completes all permits, grants and paperwork needed. Certified electricians perform the solar power installation.

4. Monitor your savings for decades to come using a free online monitoring app/platform.


Solar panel cost + payment options

Your lifestyle is unique, your home is unique and your goals are unique - we design every project custom to your exact needs, outlining various size and component options that will suit you.

Kuby Energy offers a range of number of payment options, including flexible schedules, loans and lines of credit.


$0 Down
Variable pay schedule
Pay system off any time


$0 Down
Fixed pay schedule
Choose 5, 10 or 15 year periods


Full payment
Best ROI


“When we first looked at choosing a contractor, we went through a number of proposals from others and we chose Kuby because they do design work and installation.  The people they have [were] also as such, they have a Master Electrician and Engineers to help design the system.  [Kuby Energy’s workmanship] was excellent.  We met several times to discuss the fine details of the installation and the people were professional.  We enjoyed every moment of it.”
-Al A.
Edmonton, AB

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