Solar Panels for Homes

Solar energy installations for grid-tied homes in Canada

Own your energy

Supplying your own solar energy through renewable sources will greatly reduce your carbon emissions and will save you thousands of dollars over the next 30+ years.
Additionally, solar panels will protect you from the volatile energy market by locking you into a set rate which is more favourable than the standard long-term market price.

How it works

Kuby Energy is a full-service solar energy contractor.
We start by providing you with a FREE home solar appraisal. Our engineers will then design a custom solar array specific to your energy demand, budget, lifestyle and architecture. Kuby Energy will handle all the paperwork and permits and at your convenience, the solar power system will be installed by experienced electricians.
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Solar Cost and Payment Options

Your lifestyle is unique, your home is unique and your goals are unique. Because of this, we design every project custom to your exact needs, outlining various size and component options that will suit you.

Kuby Energy offers a range of number of payment options, including flexible schedules, loans and lines of credit.



“[I have] the biggest residential solar project in the NWT, 10.92[kW]. Thanks to Jake and Co. for a job very well done. I am now producing more power than I consume and have net metering installed by the power company so they pay me! I love it...”
-Vince S.
Inuvik, NWT

“I’ve gone with solar for 2 principal reasons, the first one, Environmental; it does reduce our carbon footprint,  and the second one is financial; it has a financial return and reduces our electrical utility bills.  Kuby Energy was recommended to us by a supplier and we compared Kuby Energy’s proposals to 2 or 3 other companies and they seemed to be the best.  All of the workmanship that Kuby has provided to us has been first rate. They have been very responsive and so far everything looks 100%”
-Curtis M.
Sherwood Park, AB

“When we first looked at choosing a contractor, we went through a number of proposals from others and we chose Kuby because they do design work and installation.  The people they have [were] also as such, they have a Master Electrician and Engineers to help design the system.  [Kuby Energy’s workmanship] was excellent.  We met several times to discuss the fine details of the installation and the people were professional.  We enjoyed every moment of it.”
-Al A.
Edmonton, AB

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