Edmonton Solar Power Rebate

Learn about the City of Edmonton's new municipal solar power rebate for homeowners wanting to install solar panels, updated for 2019!

Edmonton Solar Power Rebate

As of Winter 2021, the program is still accepting rebate applications for solar power installations in Edmonton.

The city of Edmonton recently introduced an incentive for homeowners to put a solar energy system on their roof through the Change Homes for Climate Solar Program (CHCSP).

Edmonton Solar Rebate Amount

The following is a breakdown of the Edmonton solar power rebate values:

  • $0.40/W based on the total system capacity
  • Maximum of 40% of eligible system costs
  • Up to a maximum of $4,000

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses will include the solar PV equipment (solar panels, racking , inverters, cabling , etc.), design, development, modelling, engineering, permitting fees and any fees borne to upgrade the transmission/distribution system (if necessary).

Ineligible expenses include GST, lease payments, batteries, and admin/internal costs.

How to Apply to the Edmonton Rebate

Contact Kuby Renewable Energy, we will take care of the entire process from applying for the Edmonton solar rebate to installing your home solar panels.

Why should you install solar in Edmonton?

  • Edmonton is one of the sunniest cities in Canada. Clocking 2,300 hours of sun in an average year.
  • You are reducing the carbon footprint of your home and your community. Currently approximately 90% of the electricity in Alberta comes from fossil fuels.
  • You are protecting yourself from the frequent increases in energy prices
  • Solar panels can supply 100% of your electricity usage.
  • The current available rebates make solar energy more accessible to home owners than ever before.
  • You help increase employment in the renewable energy sector.
  • Learn more about installing solar panels in Alberta
credit to the City of Edmonton's Change for Climate; edmonton.ca/changeforclimate

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