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Growing Forward 2 - Farm Solar Incentive

Details regarding the Growing Forward 2 Solar Incentive Program for Alberta Farms.

Growing Forward 2 - Farm Solar Incentive

Solar Incentive for Farms

The Growing Forward 2 on-farm solar photovoltaics program is a sub-program of the Government of Alberta's on-farm energy management program.  This solar incentive provides funding for solar installations on Alberta farms.  Reduce operating costs, reduce carbon emissions and reduce your environmental impact.

Eligible Solar PV Systems

The solar photovoltaic system must be:

1.Grid Connected (grid-tied), not off-grid [Will be installed by Kuby Energy as such]

2.Approved under the Micro-Generation Regulation [Kuby Energy handles this completely]

3.Positioned to optimize the sun and minimize shading [Kuby Energy does this for all projects]

4.Have manufacturer warranties on the solar panels (modules), racking, and inverters [Comes standard with all Kuby Energy solar installations]

5.Used to power the production of a primary commodity [You do the farming, we do the solar installation]

6.Purchased after April 1, 2013

Solar Rebates

Different rebate structures are available depending on who installs your solar power system and whether you have had an energy assessment or not.

Solar PV Contractor-Installed:  $0.45/W up to 20% of your solar project cost [with no energy assessment]; OR $0.60/W up to 25% of your solar project cost [with an energy assessment]

Self-Installed: $0.15/W up to 10% of your solar project cost [with no energy assessment]; OR $0.30/W up to 20$ of your solar project cost [with an energy assessment]

Growing Forward 2 Solar Grant Maximum: 100kW or $50,000.

Please note that installing solar PV equipment is not recommended unless you are a Journey-person Electrician.  Working with electrical equipment always imposes high risks if you are not confident or experienced in the field.  If you would like an energy assessment or want to learn more about this, please contact us.

Who Can Participate in the Solar Program?

The Growing Forward 2 Solar Incentive Program is eligible to all producers in Alberta with at least $10,000 in commodity or livestock production income.

What do I need to get started with Growing Forward?

To get started you will need:

-A finalized quote showing [provided by Kuby Energy]

-An approved application under the micro-generation guidelines [completed by Kuby Energy]

-An energy bill from the same electrical service [standard electrical bill, we will submit this on your behalf]

-An energy assessment report, if applicable

We will handle all of the heavy lifting for you.  All applications, paperwork, engineering and the installation will be completed by Kuby Energy as is standard with all our solar pv installations.  

To read the full Government of Alberta Growing Forward 2 Solar Incentive Program details, click here.

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