Online Monitoring for Solar

Monitor your solar power system online and on your phone.

Online Monitoring for Solar

We often have people ask us "how will I know how my solar panels are producing?"  One of the most handy and often overlooked features of solar energy systems is the ability to monitor it online and on your phone through an app.  

Online monitoring of your solar panels is typically a free service that is provided by the inverter manufacturer.  Each manufacturer will have their own layout, but in general you will be able to see your daily, weekly, monthly, and year-to-date solar energy production.  If you have a micro inverter system you will also be able to see  the solar energy production from individual solar panels.  Most solar energy online monitoring systems have a nice display of how much carbon you have offset, the equivalent of how many trees you have planted, and how many cars you have taken off the road, so you can see your environmental benefits first hand.  

Above is a screenshot of Solar Edge's online monitoring service.  There are numerous tabs and screen options for you to filter the solar energy data.  Data is updated every 5 to 15 minutes so you will always be seeing up to date solar information. Below you can see a sample screen shot of APsystems online monitoring service.  Both the app and online version have various solar energy metrics for you to scroll through.  

APsystems Online Monitoring
APsystem Online Monitoring System

Solar Service

In addition to being able to see how your solar power system operates in real time, we will be able to monitor your solar panels for performance issues. We are notified via email immediately should there ever be an issue with your solar panels. In the unlikely event something does occur with your solar energy system, we are able to fix most problems remotely in coordination with the inverter manufacturer.  

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