Working in the Renewable Energy Revolution

As one of the fastest growing companies in Canada, Kuby Energy thrives on an up-tempo work environment. You'll have the opportunity to work on exciting projects that contribute to reshaping the energy portfolio in Canada.

Working in the Renewable Energy Revolution

Want to join an innovative company leading solar energy development in Canada?

As one of the fastest growing companies in Canada, Kuby Energy thrives on an up-tempo work environment. You'll have the opportunity to work on exciting projects that contribute to reshaping the energy portfolio in Canada.

A position at Kuby Energy is powered by unique perks, growth, and opportunities! From career advancement to a vibrant work culture, get ready to immerse yourself in days filled with passion, purpose, and potential.


A Dynamic Work Environment

Kuby thrives on an active work environment with cross-department teamwork. The energy is green. The vibes are contagious.

We are inspired individuals who believe in our mission.

We value continuous improvement, accountability, high quality work, and satisfying clients.

We blend a fun and relaxed atmosphere with high quality work and professionalism. We make time for work and for play.

You may be working on solar energy projects with lasting generational impact, or you may find yourself in a heated ping pong tournament.

Kuby Headquarters: Electric Avenue

Kickstart your day with a tea, coffee or espresso of your choosing, before heading up to our professionally designed, modern office space.

Our office is designed with team collaboration in mind. You'll work side by side with people who share your passion for renewable energy and solar innovation.  

Collaborative problem solving and continuous improvement are a daily occurrence.  

Renewable Education

Kuby has some of the most knowledgeable electricians, engineers, and staff, in the industry with decades of experience. This has allowed us to achieve a level of quality that is highly regarded in the ever-changing industry of solar power.  

Joining the team is an opportunity to gain expertise in your field or start something fresh.  

No matter where you are in your career, we will help you become a master of your craft.  

We are committed to continuous improvement throughout all operations.      

Knowledge is Power

Kuby Energy is committed to investing in your education and furthering career growth. You'll have access to extensive training programs that cover a wide range of areas. This includes safety and equipment courses, trade school opportunities, engineering seminars, and even support for pursuing post-secondary degrees.

You will push the forefront of the renewable energy industry through our commitment to professional development.

Jobs for Electricians

Journeyperson electricians and electrical apprentices are the backbone of our company. The solar industry is nothing without hard-working tradespeople.

We employ Journeymen and Journeywomen electricians to install solar panels across Alberta and BC.

Kuby hires and indentures starter-electricians. If you want to become an electrician, we can facilitate your entry into the electrical trade.

We pride ourselves on hiring from within. Advance your career from electrician to foreman to project manager and beyond through our focus on internal promotion.  

No two solar jobs are the same. You can expect your days to be filled with challenging, dynamic, and rewarding work.

Office Jobs in the Solar Industry

Create a sustainable future and push boundaries at one of our offices in Edmonton, Calgary, or Kamloops.

We employ countless engineers, designers, salespeople, admin staff, project managers, customer service representatives, HR professionals, and more.  

Are you a solar designer or engineer with an interest in sales?  

Are you a customer service specialist wanting to learn project coordination?

Learn various aspects of the solar industry though our focus on internal promotion and cross department integration.  

Kuby Energy fosters a friendly and inclusive work culture, where everyone is encouraged to take a break, unwind, and connect with their teammates.  

Fellow team members will be assisting customers, strategizing sales approaches, working on operational efficiency, loading up materials for tomorrow’s work, and countless other tasks to execute solar projects across Western Canada.  

We believe that office chemistry is not formulated around work alone, so we hope you join a friendly game of ball hockey or share stories over a pint.  

Perks and Benefits at Kuby Energy

Work hard and play hard. We understand the importance of work-life balance. We strive for a lively and happy work environment.  

We offer a range of exciting perks and benefits such as tool allowance for electricians, bitcoin investment savings plan, and a comprehensive benefits package.

Want to work with your friends?

We offer a cash referral bonus for helping grow our team.

Earn recognition from your peers (and sweet prizes) through our employee of the month award.

You have the option to relocate to various cities across Alberta and BC to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Our attire and our attitudes may be casual, but our work is professional.  

…and yes, we also have cold beer on tap for those Friday celebrations!   

Joining Kuby Energy means joining a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about renewable energy.  We are committed to supporting our staff by providing endless opportunities for growth, a collaborative work environment, and a commitment to your education and career development.  

Kuby Energy empowers you to make a tangible difference, now and for years to come.  

Visit our website today to explore our open positions and take the first step towards an exciting future in the renewable energy industry. Together, let's reshape the energy landscape and build lasting change for the energy industry and economy in Canada. Help us reduce our society's environmental impact through the implementation of solar power and renewable technology.

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