Shining the light on Winnifred Stewart

We partnered with Real Talk by Ryan Jespersen to gift one winner 30 years of clean energy: Winnifred Stewart, a local Edmonton non-profit!

Shining the light on Winnifred Stewart

What better way to shine a light on a deserving and dedicated community member than with the gift of solar energy?!

Kuby Renewable Energy partnered with Real Talk by Ryan Jespersen to gift one winner 30 years of clean energy. This giveaway was launched via Ryan Jespersen’s podcast to recognize Albertans who give back to their community, aiding their initiatives with more sustainable energy consumption. Real Talk listeners were provided with our top three, shortlisted nominations, and public vote placed Winnifred Stewart as the winner of the solar system installation!

This was such an exciting project, and we are thrilled that our winner is an Edmonton-based charity! Winnifred Stewart will benefit greatly from the solar system we install and save money on their energy usage, which can now be used on other valuable initiatives.

About Winnifred Stewart

Winnifred Stewart is dedicated to connecting individuals and their communities. Through a variety of programs, individuals can focus on discovering their own desired adventures and, through stories, reflect on the milestones they achieve. Customized support is offered through Winnifred Stewart's various community and facility-based programs assist individuals with diverse abilities to lead fulfilling lives and become integral members of their communities.

Winnifred Stewart sadly lost a pillar figure of their non-profit's community, Joey Moss. Joey attended the Winnifred Stewart School and later moved into a home supported by Winnifred Stewart. The Joey’s Home Trust was established in 1988 with original funds provided by Wayne Gretzky. By 2007, the trust was valued at $1.5 million and helped fund the building of “Joey’s Home”—a residence featuring assisted living accommodations for eight people, as well as four independent living apartments. Both Kuby Renewable Energy and the Winnifred Stewart are therefore overjoyed that Joey’s Home will be fitted for the brand-new solar system to support the people who live there.

Electrical railing on the roof of Joey's Home

What is the impact of 30 years of clean energy?

With this new system, we’ve helped Winnifred Stewart reduce their operating costs for better investment in the face of climate change and rising energy costs and allowed them to better manage the environments of the people they help. This is especially important for those with health conditions since temperature can really impact them.

This installation will also have a huge environmental impact. Conventional power for a building this size equates to:  

  • 7.4 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide every year
  • 830 gallons/3000 litres of gasoline per year
  • CO2 emissions from 8,200 lbs of coal burned — over 3700 kg per year

The impact that the solar panel system will have is, roughly, the equivalent of:

  • 282 incandescent bulbs being switched to LED bulbs and 332 trash bags of waste being recycled as opposed to ending up in the landfill usage
  • The carbon dioxide offset by planting 123 trees and letting them grow for 10 years each

Kuby Renewable Energy is committed to being community-first and, over the years, we have contributed and donated to different groups or organizations that provide clean water and give power to those in need. We will work to continue bringing this initiative to our local community in Alberta — so keep your eye out for further contests we will run in the future!

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A Kuby Renewable Energy truck outside of Joey's Home

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