Solar Rebate: Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP)

Everything you need to know about the Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP)

Solar Rebate: Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP)

There is a solar rebate in Alberta for municipalities and community related organizations from the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC). 

The Alberta Municipal Solar Program, or AMSP provides financial rebates to municipalities who install solar panels on their facilities or land and perform public engagement relating to the project.

Who can participate the AMSP

In order to participate in this solar power rebate you must be a:

1.       Municipality, as defined by Section 1(s) of the Municipal Government Act or;

2.       Community Related organization, such as a non-profit CRO where the project is located on facilities owned by the municipality or on municipality owned land.

Buildings such as community leagues, fire halls, police stations, water treatment facilities, government offices, recreation centres, libraries, county offices, landfills, and other public works spaces are all eligible facilities.

Eligibility for the Alberta Municipal Solar Program

To be eligible for the AMSP, the project must satisfy the following criteria:

·         The solar project must fall under the Micro-generation regulation [Kuby Energy will ensure compliance]

·         The solar installation must be equal to or greater than 2kW (approximately 8 solar panels)

·         The solar power system must be energized after February 5, 2016 [i.e. the grant is not retro-active]

The following projects are ineligible for AMSP funding:

·         Projects located on land or facilities owned by private corporations/institutions, schools, universities, hospitals, and the provincial/federal government

·         Solar installations on temporary structures

·         Off-grid solar power systems

·         Solar thermal systems

·         Solar installations which have received other Government of Alberta funding initiatives

Financial Rebates

The amount which participants are eligible to receive depends on the capacity (total power, in W) of the system.  The amount of funding provided to participants shall not exceed 25% of eligible expenses. Funding is only issued after the MCCAC verifies the completion of the project. The rate structure is as follows:

<10kW:                               Rebate=$0.90/W

10kW to 149.99kW          Rebate=$0.75/W

150kW to 1.99MW           Rebate=$0.60/W

2MW to 5MW                    Rebate=$0.55/W


Kuby Energy provides most solar power installations for values which will be limited by the 25% stipulation, not installed capacity structure.

Eligible Expenses

The following expenses are eligible for rebate under the AMSP:

·         Solar PV equipment such as modules,  racking, cabling, inverters, transformers, conduit, disconnects, monitoring, fittings

·         Fees associated with design, engineering (electrical, structural, geotechnical, civil), development, procurement and construction

·         Fees associated with permitting (electrical, and development, if required)

·         Fees associated with the electrical inspection and building inspection

Ineligible Expenses

The following expenses are ineligible for reimbursement through the AMSP

·         GST

·         Ongoing operations & maintenance fees

·         Lease payments after the project in energized

·         Administrative expenses to apply for the AMSP grant

·         Any other expenses deemed ineligible by the MCCAC

How to Apply for the AMSP

Kuby Renewable Energy will apply for and prepare any technical documents if desired.  The application process is a simple and easy 6 step process:

1.       Submit an Expression of Interest – The expression of interest can be filed using the MCCAC’s online form

2.       Submit AMSP Application Download the AMSP application form and submit to  Kuby Energy will write, or assist in writing all technical aspects of the AMSP application.

During the application stage, the project must apply to become a Micro-generator through the Alberta Utility Commission (AUC).  Kuby Energy will write the AUC application on behalf of the municipality if desired.

3.       Sign the Agreement – The MCCAC will send an agreement pertaining to the solar installation.  All terms and conditions must be satisfied. The MCCAC must be notified if deviation from the agreed upon schedule occurs.

4.       Solar Installation – The solar power system must be installed and energized within 8 months of the signing of the Agreement.  Extensions may be available, subject to MCCAC approval.

5.       Project Verification – Following the solar installation, the municipality must submit a Project Completion Statement.  The MCCAC will conduct a site visit to verify system compliance with the AMSP agreement.

6.       Funding – After the solar power installation has been verified by the MCCAC, the funds will be issued to the municipality in the form of a cheque.  The rebate amount will be calculated based off eligible expenses (cited above).

Getting Started

To get started, contact Kuby Renewable Energy to set up a free site appraisal.  Following the free appraisal, your total installed cost, energy generation, payback period and other key outcomes will be provided.

You may contact the MCCAC or read the AMSP Guidelines for more information relating to this Alberta solar power rebate.

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