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Do you know an unsung hero or someone well deserving of an AMAZING gift?

Now is your chance to shine some light, and win FREE CLEAN ENERGY FOR 30 YEARS.

These last few years have been hard on many people. To spread some love, we are extremely happy to be giving away a free solar power system to someone well deserving.

Kuby Energy and Real Talk want to hear your Solar Story!

Top 3 Submissions - VOTE NOW

The winner will be selected by public vote from the top 3 submissions below. Vote for your winner here!

1)The Keindel's

What an exciting opportunity!  Mike & Laurie Keindel here from Devon Alberta.  Our town began during Alberta's Oil discovery days.  Lately, we have been taking on more & more green energy alternatives.  Our community center has solar panels, there is recycling programs, & plastic one-time-use bags are forbidden.  I own a rechargeable scooter for zipping around town.  The economic crash saw my engineer husband now driving school bus & working at Tims.  My salon has had to re-build after 3 lockdowns.  Life has been very hard.  Net zero would be live-changing.  It could mean the difference of not loosing our home.  We are very frugal and grow our food in a community garden plot.  I am also a top Google Local Guide with 45m views and I'm a social media influencer.  Throughout the pandemic, I have been spreading cheer & goodwill with sidewalk chalk street art.  I've been featured on local news 6 times and 4 times on the National News.  People make our driveway part of their daily dog walks & bike trips.  The solar panels will get a lot of attention.  I sent a pic of Mike tanking up the car with Unicorn Farts.  I'm getting a swift kick in the butt by Granny for relying on non-renuables.  Thank you for your consideration 😊!

Net zero solar contestNet zero solar contestNet zero solar contest unicorn farts

2) Carole and Liz

My wife Susan and I already live in a Net Zero Energy Home so we don't need anymore solar panels however we have two very deserving friends who would love to get a solar package for their home.  Our friends and Carole and Liz (twins) have both been hard working registered nurses in Edmonton for over 40 years.  They have both given so much in their careers helping keep the rest of us healthy.  Carole worked as a nurse educator at the Cross Cancer Institute and her twin sister Liz worked at the Royal Alex Hospital. They both decided to retire in 2019 just months before the onset of the pandemic.  But with the worsening of the pandemic they both decided to continue working on contract to assist with the COVID hotline and with COVID screening.  Now as the urgency of the pandemic seems to be waning they are now about to enjoy a well deserved retirement.  They've seen our solar system and have been very interested in adding solar to their lovely postwar home in Edmonton's Westmount but it is a lot of upfront cost to consider as they retire.  My wife and I couldn't think of two more deserving people to receive this glorious prize from Kuby Energy.  These two dear friends have given for so many years, my wife and I would love to see them receive this prize.

3) Winnifred Stewart Society

Joey Moss’ legacy of kindness and impact to Edmonton should never be forgotten. Joey’s Home (the main one) has west and south facing roof pitches, it is a perfect fit for solar-power creation! This home takes wonderful care of the most vulnerable clients of the Winnifred Stewart Society  Since 1953 this great local organization has been a very bright light in the Metro area helping so many. It would be an incredible high profile location to feature solar energy and how it can impact Edmonton non-profit area. So many reason this project should go to Joey’s House!

Joey Moss

How to Enter

SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Thank you to all our amazing participants.

VOTE for your winning submission here.

Contest Rules

Submissions will be accepted between July 12th and July 25th at midnight.
Real Talk audience members will vote on the best, most well-deserving stories from July 26th to August 2nd.
Winner will be announced on Positive Reflections on Tuesday August 3rd.

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Winner must own their home or be purchasing a home in the next 12 months.
Property must be applicable for solar panels without significant upgrading.
Net Zero capability is subject to winner's roof area and energy demand.

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