Ground Mount Solar Energy System - Edmonton, AB

Designed and installed, in-full, by Kuby Energy

Solar Panels Edmonton

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System size:


40 x 265W
Edmonton, AB, Canada
This solar panel array will supply a significant portion of this homeowners electrical energy.  The solar power system is equipped with a free online monitoring service which uploads data in real time for you to see your energy savings.  

Solar Benefits and Results

This 10.6kW ground-mounted solar panel array in Edmonton, AB provides optimized solar harvest for the homeowner. The 45 degree tilt provides the most ideal solar energy generation on an annual basis, balancing the low sun angle in the winter with the high sun angle in the summer. Local concrete was sourced to ballast the array, preventing any need for expensive groundwork associated with piling for solar panels. Solar energy losses due to snow coverage are expected to be

Kuby Renewable Energy was responsible for completing the system engineering, procurement and construction which involved trenching over 100' to complete the electrical installation. Solar power systems in Edmonton can easily be optimized to bring a homeowner to net-zero status due to our high solar irradiation.

Kuby Energy provides complete solar panel installation services from engineering though commissioning. To get your free solar power appraisal reach out to us today.

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