Barrhead Aquatics Centre Solar Power System

149.6kW | Barrhead, AB

Barrhead Solar PanelsBarrhead Aquatics Centre Solar Power SystemBarrhead Solar Power SystemBarrhead Solar Power System

Barrhead Solar Power System

System Size: 149.6kW

Panels: 374 x 400W

Location: Barrhead, AB

The Barrhead Regional Aquatic Centre features 374 high-efficiency, tier-1 solar modules for a total of 150kW dc. The array has solar panels installed facing South, East and West to generate the maximum amount of solar energy throughout the day/year.

Although East and West facing modules produce less energy per solar panel, they allow a high module-density to be installed on the roof which creates more power and energy for the building.
The Barrhead solar power system is ballasted, weighed down by concrete blocks, which means no roof penetrations occurred to secure the system. No holes in a flat roof is always a good thing.

Almost all commercial solar power systems designed and/or installed by Kuby Energy are ballasted to negate the need for roof penetrations and unnecessary risk to the building owner. Solar modules are performance warrantied for 25 years, guaranteeing production in for decades to come. The installation provides clean energy directly to the Aquatic Centre and will generate renewable power for the next 25+ years.  Excess energy is sold to the electricity grid and credited to the facility which can be used up in latter months, similar to residential solar power systems.

The solar panel system was installed by Kuby Energy working for Clark Builders. For more images or media inquiries related to the Barrhead Commercial solar power installation, please contact Kuby Energy.

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