Farm Solar Panels in Alberta

11.5kW | Sherwood Park, AB

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Solar Project Summary

Kuby Energy was hired to install a solar power system for an Alberta Farm/Ranch near Sherwood Park, Alberta. The project initially consisted of 20 solar panels, but was soon expanded to 30 x 275W monocrystalline modules total. The initial stages were mounted on the ground, tilted to 45 degrees facing due south - optimal for solar energy harvest.

A second stage of the project was completed which saw an additional 12 x 270W solar panels added to the barn roof.

The collective system now has 3 different tilts, and 2 different azimuths to provide excellent solar energy generation throughout each day of the year. This solar panel array will assist in fulfilling almost all of the clients energy requirements. The use of micro inverters allows for simple and easy system expansion over time, which was utilized twice - once for a ground-mount expansion and a second time for an expansion onto the barn. Monocrystalline solar panels degrade slower over time and are slightly higher quality than polycrystalline modules.

The system is warrantied to last for 25+ years and pay for itself in that time frame. Kuby Energy provides industry leading workmanship guarantees on all solar installation contracts.

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