Piitapan Solar Project

20.8kW | Lubicon Cree First Nation

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Solar Power System

80 x 260W solar panels are mounted on the top of poles near the Lubicon Cree community centre. The array has a total installed capacity of 20.8kW DC interconnected to two string inverters.

The top of pole solar array is an increased safety precaution considering an elementary school adjacent to the array.

The solar panels are warrantied for 25 years, and the inverters for 10 years. The array will offset approximately 20t of carbon every year for its 25+ year lifespan

Special Highlights

This solar installation was a landmark project by Kuby Energy and represents more than energy generation. It was a moving experience being a part of the Piitapan project for the Lubicon Cree First Nation's solar energy transition away from fossil fuels.

Local community members were trained for the installation of the community solar panels.

Read the media coverage: CBC, Inhabitat, Globe-Net.

Kuby Energy completed the electrical installation of the solar power system.

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