Yellohead Tribal College Solar Power System

54.7kW | Edmonton, AB

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System size: 54.7kW
Solar Panels: 142 x 385W Panels
Location:       Edmonton, Alberta

Yellowhead Tribal College Solar Panels

The Solar System

Yellowhead Tribal College hired Kuby Renewable Energy to complete the turn-key solar power installation on their main Edmonton campus. The array features 142 solar panels that are ballast-mounted at a fixed 10 degree tilt. Three Fronius solar inverters convert the DC to AC so it can be used throughout the building. The array was completed using low/fixed-tilt modules to increase the available power on the roof while lowering the ballast requirements relative to higher tilt solar power systems.

The array will be used in conjunction with YTC's renewable energy courses to help train the next generation of solar PV professionals.

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The Team

Kuby Energy completed the project directly for the client, YTC.

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