The First Tesla Powerwall2's in Alberta!

Kuby Energy has completed the first Tesla Powerwall2 Installations in Alberta

The First Tesla Powerwall2's in Alberta!

The long-awaited Tesla Powerwall2 has finally reached Canada!

 On July 31st,
Kuby Renewable Energy installed and commissioned the first two Tesla Powerwall2
batteries in Alberta.  Dozens more are scheduled
and anticipated for installation in the coming months as demand for home energy
storage grows.

The latest lithium-ion battery installation marks a
milestone for the home energy storage industry and is a sign of the
technological innovations that are set to become prevalent. 

The first 2 Tesla Powerwalls in Alberta

Pre-commissioning images of the Powerwall2

Although most residential solar power installations in
, there is a definite time and place where backup power
is required. 

Solar panels do not provide power during grid outages as the
array shuts off when the grid loses power (a Canadian Electrical Code safety
feature called anti-islanding).  In order
for solar panels to provide continuous power when the grid goes down, a energy
system must simulate grid voltages and provide a means to store the energy that
cannot be used – this is what the Tesla Powerwall2 accomplishes. 

By ‘acting as the grid’ and storing excess energy, one can
live sustainably and comfortably when the grid goes down.  Solar panels will continue to operate
normally and will provide clean energy to set loads in your home and charge the
Powerwall2 when excess energy is created. 
At night, or on cloudy days, the Powerwall2 takes over and powers the
home with the stored energy. 

In certain markets, the Tesla Powerwall2 may also be used to
combat time-of-use billing where energy prices fluctuate based on demand.  In markets with time-of-use structure, energy
storage can be used to provide ‘cheap’ energy during peak times reducing one’s
power bill substantially.  In Alberta,
this advantage is not currently realized due to our Net-Billing system (one
average ‘net’ rate for energy).

This home is fully powered by the sun!

The home's shop has solar panels which provide passive solar heating.

The homeowner required backup storage to power his water pumps which are not connected to the municipal infrastructure. During grid down times the Powerwall2's now negate the need to run diesel generators.

The homeowner also installed solar panels on his shop using a combination of roof mounted modules and a custom awning which provides passive solar heating. During the summer months, the panels generate energy while blocking the intense rays from the sun and during the winter months the sun is low enough to penetrate the windows and provide heat.

The awning system was custom designed by Kuby Renewable Energy to safely attach to the clients custom shop envelope.

Quick Tesla Powerwall2 Facts

-The battery stores 13.5kWh of energy

-Most homes only require one Tesla Powerwall2 to provide continuous peace of mind

-The Powerwall2 is 125kg and is 1.2m x 0.76m

-An average installation will be approximately $12,000 to
$18,000 depending on how much additional wiring is needed

-The Powerwall2 connects directly into the homes breaker
panel and uses an internal inverter to convert between AC load and DC storage


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