Edmonton Convention Centre Solar Panels

169kW Building Integrated PV (BIPV) System

System size:

719 IGUs
Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton Convention Centre Solar Panels

The System

Edmonton Convention Centre (ECC) formerly known as the Shaw Conference Centre is now home to Canada's largest building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) system.

The iconic multi-leveled atrium sloping down the Edmonton river valley is now a landmark of sustainability. The solar power system will generate clean energy for the building for decades to come.

The crystalline glass will not only generate solar energy, but also allow more light to enter the building, even with the solar cells blocking a portion of the available area. This is a testament to the latest improvements in solar power technology from when ECC was first constructed.

The system will generate approximately 200MWh of electricity offsetting approximately 150,000kg of CO2 every year.

Within the largest sloped surface is a poem spelled out in morse code with solar cells. The poem by former Edmonton poet laureate, E.D. Blodgett reads:

Beginnings just appear

so like a drowsy eye

Suddenly awake

where a river wells up

Uncoiling from the ice

where snug beside the land

It lay dreaming at

our feet in quiet sleet.


BIPV is a special class of solar power system where the solar glass forms part of the building's envelope.

This is often achieved by using transparent glass with solar cells embedded within the panes. These are not standard solar modules, but are PV integrated glazing units (IGU's).

BIPV is also achieved by using amorphous silicon glass. This glass does not have any solar cells and looks like a normal piece of glass - except it generates electricity.

The Team

Kuby Energy is very proud to have worked with DIALOG Design, Bird Construction, Howell-Mayhew Engineering and River City Electric on this solar power installation.

Above images were provided by DIALOG Design.

Video filming/editing by Jeff Allen Productions. Original music scored by Edmonton legend Nick Degree / @NickDegree.

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