All Black Solar Power Installation Edmonton

9.7kW | Edmonton, AB

Black Solar Panels EdmontonBlack Solar Panels Edmonton2

Solar Panel Installation Highlights

This design features 36 x 270W all black solar panels flush mounted to the roof for a total solar capacity of 9.72kW. The solar panels have a black frame, black cells, and black back sheet making them perfectly suited to match the aesthetic of dark shingles. Roof-mounted micro inverters add to the sleek feel of this system with no major interior electrical components.

The Sturgeon County homeowner built his own passive house featuring an air source heat pump and R60 walls for superior energy efficiency. Paired with solar energy, this home is set to save the owner thousands of dollars every year. The system is located outside of Edmonton, AB near Gibbons and will generate close to 100% of the electrical energy demand of the above average sized house. New solar technology and Alberta's excellent solar resource makes going net zero simpler than ever before.

The home was well designed for solar panels with large unobstructed south aspects.

Kuby Energy completed the entire solar power system installation and commissioning.

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