Blue Quill Community League

53.8kW | Edmonton, AB

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System size:  53.8kW
Solar Panels: 156 x 345W
Location:       Edmonton, AB

Blue Quill Community League Solar Panels

The Solar Array

The Blue Quill Community League (BQCL) knows how to have a good time and support their community. Be sure to support the BQCL events and activities throughout the year which are now powered by clean renewable energy from the sun.

As leaders in the community they once again walked-the-walk by installing an amazing 54kW solar power system on their roofs, which are nearly perfectly situated for solar panels. The amazing solar system will produce around 55,000kWh/yr and will cover a significant amount of the leagues energy consumption.

The installation was supported in part by the Alberta Municipal Solar Program and aided by the steadily dropping cost of solar panels. Through this program community leagues were eligible to receive approximately 25% off their solar power installation across Alberta.

The Team

Kuby Energy completed the community league solar power installation in full for the client, BQCL

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