Grants, Rebates and Incentives for Solar Panels

All you need to know about rebates and incentives for solar panels in Alberta and Canada

Grants, Rebates and Incentives for Solar Panels

Homeowners and business owners often wonder 'Are there any rebates or incentives for solar panels?'  A very fair question and one that is ever changing in Alberta and Canada, especially given our new governments and evolving social atmosphere pertaining to solar panels.  New solar power incentives and rebates are constantly being explored so this section is updated frequently.  

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Provincial and federal solar incentives are currently offered with varying degrees of impact, depending on what province you are in, and whether you're a homeowner or business owner.   Lets break down the solar rebates by location.

Federal Solar Incentives


Canada Greener Homes Grant - Homeowners can receive up to $5,000 to make energy efficient retrofits to their homes for measures such as new windows, insulation, battery energy storage systems and installing solar panels. Solar power systems can receive a rebate of $1.00/W up to $5,000. Battery installations such as Tesla Powerwall can receive up to $1,000.

Commercial solar tax incentive - The only current federal solar power incentive comes to businesses in the form of increased depreciation under class 43.2 of the Income Tax Regulation.  This commercial solar incentive allows a business to write off 100% of the asset value in year 1 of purchase.  We can outline how this will apply to you, but always talk to your accountant when dealing with depreciation and tax incentives.  

For large scale projects, contact us directly as additional funding may be available.

Alberta Solar Power Rebates

These rebates are current as of November 2020. Kuby Energy will complete all paperwork required for any incentive that may be applicable to your solar power system.

Edmonton Solar Rebate - The City of Edmonton recently announced a rebate for residential solar installations for $0.40/W up to $4,000. This rebate is in addition to the provincially-funded residential and commercial solar program.

Micro Generation - Micro generators in Alberta are subject to the Micro Generation Regulation guidelines.  Homes and businesses with solar installations which are <5MW (1 Megawatt = 1,000 kW), will have their solar energy consumption vs usage monitored and credited to you on your monthly power bill.  Any excess solar energy is rolled over to the next month and can be sold at the end of the year at the same rate which you bought it for (approximately $0.07/kWh). For more details read the full micro-generation regulation.

Get Energy Solar Club - This membership allows one to have a higher energy rate (approximately $0.25/kWh) during months when solar generation exceeds home consumption. This creates a much higher microgeneration credit. During the winter months, when consumption exceeds solar generations one can change back to the standard rate (approximately $0.07/kWh)

Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP) - This program is offered by the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC). Municipalities and Community related organizations are eligible for this solar power rebate.  Funding of up to 25% of eligible expenses up to a maximum of $300,000 is available for eligible solar power projects.  Eligible solar projects are greater than or equal to 2kW  and less than or equal to 1MW, must be subject to the Micro-generation Regulation, and must be completed and energized after February 5, 2016.   Read the details on the Alberta Municipal Solar Program or contact us directly.

Banff Solar Incentive - Residents of Banff, AB are eligible for  a solar power incentive.  This program will allow selected applicants to qualify for a seven year agreement with the town of Banff.    Successful applicants will be selected through a lottery based system.  Read more on the Banff solar power incentive program.

British Colombia (BC) Solar Rebates

PST Exemption - BC's primary incentive comes in the form of PST exemption for solar pv equipment and devices, including solar panels, wiring, controllers, and inverters.  

Various institutions in BC offer other energy rebates that don't specifically pertain to solar panel installations. Read more on other BC energy efficiency rebates.

Saskatchewan Solar Power Incentives

Net Metering - Solar power systems in Saskatchewan are eligible for a net metering credit similar to Alberta. Solar panels in Saskatchewan will generate a credit on your monthly power bill for excess energy sold back to the grid.

Additional energy incentive rebates and programs are offered within Saskatchewan not pertaining to solar panel installations.


Good Energy Yukon - This solar power incentive in Yukon Territory offers a rebate of $800 per installed kW to a maximum of $5,000 per system per year.  Systems can grid-tied or off-grid solar power systems.  Read more on the Good Energy Yukon solar panel incentive.

Northwest Territories

The Arctic Energy Alliance and the Government of NWT offer solar power incentives of various sizes for homes, businesses, and indigenous communities

Residential Renewable Energy Rebate -  This solar power rebate for NWT homes  provides funding of up to 1/2 of system costs up to a maximum of $20,000.

Business Renewable Energy Rebate - This solar energy rebate for NWT businesses provides funding of up to 1/2 of system costs up to a maximum of $50,000.

Community Renewable Energy Rebate - This solar power rebate for NWT indigenous communities and non-profits provides funding of up to 1/2 of system costs up to a maximum of $50,000.

Read the details about all the solar power rebates in NWT.

Read a complete detailed breakdown of province by province solar rebates and general energy efficiency rebates.  

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