EQUS REA Solar Power System

55.3kW | Innisfail, AB

Solar panels EQUS REASolar Panels Alberta EQUS REASolar Panels Alberta EQUS REASolar Panels Alberta EQUS REA

System size: 55.3kW
Solar Panels: 140 x 395W
Location:       Innisfail, Alberta

EQUS REA Solar Power

The System

EQUS Rural Electrification Association (REA) recently constructed a new head office just off Highway 2 near Innisfail, Alberta. To showcase the latest and greatest in technology, their new office includes a large ground mounted solar power system, battery energy storage system, and Level 3 EV Charger.

The array which is visible from the Highway (both North and Southbound) provides clean energy for the building. Excess energy not used directly is stored in an on-site commercial battery system. The Level 3 FLO fast charger can be used to charge Electric Vehicles (EVs) in a very short amount of time relative to standard Level 1 or Level 2 EV chargers in homes. If you need a quick charge on the way to or from Calgary or Red Deer, consider stopping here and admiring this renewable energy commercial powerhouse.

The commercial solar power system is fixed at 45 degree tilt which will prevent most snow coverage and generate great amount of solar energy throughout the year.

The Team

Kuby Energy was very proud to complete the solar PV installation for this project working for ATCO.

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