Saskatchewan Solar Panels

30.6kW | Meadow Lake, SK

Sasktachewan Solar Panels Meadow Lake Kuby EnergyMeadow Lake Solar Panels Kuby Energy

System size: 30.6kW
Panels:          90 x 340W
Location:       Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Description:  Large residential array on a rural property in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Solar Power

Kuby Energy was hired to complete this large residential array in Meadow Lake Saskatchewan. At 30.6kW, this array will provide the homes annual energy demand from the sun.

The array is mounted in three identical rows, spaced to negate inter-row shading during the winter months when the sun is low in the sky.

The residential solar power system in Saskatchewan supplies energy to the home when required and exports any excess to the grid during periods of surplus generation. Excess energy is credited on the home's monthly electricity bill and can be used in subsequent months when the solar power system is not generating as much energy.

Saskatchewan is the sunniest province in Canada. Homes and businesses can greatly benefit from installing solar panels in SK due to the incredible solar potential. Whether the home is in Saskatoon, Regina, or near Meadow Lake, the high solar irradiance makes solar panels a great investment.

The array was completed in the winter and spring creating, with crews working to overcome challenges from the elements. The steep tilt of the array optimizes solar harvest throughout the year. The solar panel system is secured using screw piles built to withstand the harshest open-country wind storms.

The solar power system was fully designed and installed by Kuby Energy.

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