Inuvik, NWT Solar & Tesla Battery Installation

10.9kW, 13.5kWh | Inuvik, NWT

NWT Solar PanelsNWT Battery Solar System

NWT Solar Power

This NWT solar installation features 42 x 260W panels for a total of 10.9kW of generating capacity. Following the initial installation, Kuby Energy was rehired to complete the installation of the most northern Tesla Powerwall in the world, in Inuvik, NWT, Canada.

The array is connected into one string inverter with DC Power optimizers.  The optimizers allow the system to operate at maximum efficiency when partial shading occurs from obstructions or clouds. The solar array will generate 100% of the client's electrical energy needs over the year.  The cold weather in Northwest Territories allows this system to operate at a very high efficiency.

Solar Rebates NWT

The project received rebates from the NWT government. Please contact us to determine if your project is eligible for a NWT solar power rebate.

Solar Battery System

The system is grid tied with a backup battery energy storage system from Tesla. The Tesla Powerwall provides 13.5kWh of usable energy which is continuously topped up from the solar panels. Tesla Powerwall is the industry leading battery system for solar panels.

When the grid goes down, Powerwall mimics the grid and triggers the solar panels to continue to operate. This allows you to outlast any outage until the utility company can fix the grid.

You can go fully off grid with powerwall if you want to cut the cord.

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