Fort Simpson Education Complex Solar Panels

9.54kW | Fort Simpson, NWT

Fort Simpson NWT Solar Panels Fort Simpson NWT Solar Panels Commercial

Solar Benefits and Results

The 9.54kW solar power system will supply clean energy to the Fort Simpson Education Complex in Northwest Territories. This array features 36 x 265W and is oriented to optimize solar harvest. The array is ballasted using standard concrete blocks negating the need for any roof penetrations and therefore keeping the roof warranty intact. Solar panels rest on the roof, out of sight and below the outer roof parapet minimizing any visual sight lines from the ground.

Although snow will collect on the solar panels during winter months, the effect is not detrimental since the vast majority of solar irradiation in Fort Simpson, NWT comes in the spring, summer and autumn months. NWT is dark for most of the winter when the panels are covered in snow, so the impacts of snow are minor.

This NWT solar power system will generate over 7,000kWh/yr and offset over 5 tons of carbon emissions every year. The benefits of solar panels are widespread and will provide a positive environmental and financial impact for 25+ years.

Kuby Energy provides leading solar power services for Fort Simpson, Yellowknife, Inuvik and the entire NWT and Yukon Territories.

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