Solar Panels Edmonton - Roof Mounted

Standard asphalt shingle roof-mounted solar energy system

Solar Panels Edmonton

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System size:


17 x 275W, 14 x 270W
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
This solar panel array will power 100% of this client's energy requirements.  The system will last for 25+ years and features highly efficient Mono-Crystalline panels.

Solar Project Summary

Becoming net zero electrically from solar power is a beautiful thing! This homeowner receives 100% of his annual energy demand from his solar power system!

The solar panel system shown above is located in Edmonton Alberta, and supplies enough solar energy that the homeowner receives a credit every month of the year. The array is performance warrantied for 25 years and is set for expansion when the homeowner buys an electric vehicle next year. This solar panel array can easily be expanded due to the use of micro inverters.

The homeowner and Kuby Renewable Energy met several times before deciding that we could best serve him in his quest for a solar energy system. Kub Energy designed, installed, and commissioned the array in full. Kuby Energy has also been his go-to electrical contractor for the years that followed this solar power installation.

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