Inuvik Home Solar Installation 

Completed by Kuby Energy

Residential NWT Solar Panels

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System size:


42 x 260W
Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada
Residential solar power system in Inuvik, NWT

NWT Home Solar Power and Tesla Powerwall System

At the time of installation, this was the largest residential solar power system in NWT. The array is capable of supplying 100% of the home's energy needs!

This Inuvik homeowner now has a self sustaining home allowing him to take control and save thousands of dollars on their ever increasing energy bills.

Following the installation, Kuby Energy was rehired to complete the installation of a Tesla Powerwall 2 home energy storage system. Powerwall 2 is capable of supplying 13.5kWh of usable energy which can be continuously recharged from the solar panels.

Pairing solar power with Tesla Powerwall is a highly complementary combination to achieve energy independence and provide your home with backup energy in the event of an outage. If the grid were to drop out, this homeowner would have all critical loads powered up and topped up daily from the solar installation.

Commercial and residential solar panel installations in NWT may be eligible for a rebate from the Arctic Energy Alliance depending on your location and local electricity fuel type.

Solar panel installation completed by certified electricians. Solar energy design completed by third party Professional Engineers. We only use certified and experienced electricians to complete all our solar installations in NWT.

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