Home Solar Panels - Beaumont, AB

Solar power system designed and installed, in-full, by Kuby Renewable Energy

Home Solar Panels Beaumont

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System size:


30 x 260W
Beaumont, Alberta, Canada
This solar panel array will supply 100% of this client's electrical energy requirements.  The system will last for 25+ years and can be monitored online.

Solar Energy System Summary

This young family is electrically net zero thanks to their 30 solar panels installed by Kuby Energy. This array will generate over 100% of their electrical demand, allowing them to sell back and excess energy for a credit on their monthly power bill.

This beautiful Beaumont solar project is an excellent example maximizing the available space of a roof for solar modules. The primary solar panel array sees zero shading throughout the year, with the secondary array receiving extremely minute amounts from the main house.

Kuby Renewable Energy engineered, installed and commissioned the solar panel arrays and provided a stress-free, turn-key solar PV project for the homeowner.

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