Residential Solar Panels - Edmonton, AB

Solar power system designed and installed, in-full, by Kuby Renewable Energy

Edmonton Residential Solar Panels

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System size:


18 x 260W
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
This solar panel array will supply 100% of this client's electrical energy requirements.  This residential solar energy system was installed in South Edmonton and will last for 25+ years.  This array features out-of-sight micro inverters which allow for every solar panel to be monitored online, including current (live) output, lifetime energy generation, and carbon offsets.  

Solar Power Project Summary

This solar energy project in Edmonton, AB covers 100% of the homeowners electrical energy demand making her Net Zero electrically! The solar panel array is shaded partially by a vent stack and an overhead power line, however, the effects of this amount of shading were taken into account during the engineering and design of the solar array and will not detrimentally affect the solar energy system. Losses due to snow and shading for this specific solar power system are less than 8% of the annual energy output.

Kuby Renewable Energy completed the entire project from system engineering through procurement, construction and commissioning of the solar panel arrays. Working with a blank canvas is the best way for a full service solar energy contractor to optimize a system for homeowners and business owners. Doing so will allow us the flexibility to provide you with various solar power options that would be best suited for you.

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